Learn all about the seven deadly sins or as they were known as in the past – the Cardinal Sins. Originating from Christian sources, these vices and their classifications are based on habits or behaviours that can ultimately manifest in purely negative actions. They have nothing to do with the actual practice of Christianity but rather with becoming a better human being to the society as a whole and to one another. At least, that was why they were initially purposed for.


According to historical doctrines, these seven deadly sins are the first emotions that attach one’s soul first and thus drive them towards malevolent acts. It is to prevent followers from irreparable actions that such vices were deemed as Cardinal Sins.

While there are the commonly known sins that are today abbreviated to just one word, the true doctrines of past actually did not use a single word to describe each sin. Nevertheless, the idea that any of these sins manifest because one abuses the natural faculties or passions of the human soul is something that remains constant throughout time.

Some consider the Desert Fathers, in particular Evagrius Ponticus, as the individual responsible for identifying these seven evil sins or spirits that one had to overcome in order to attain peace and tranquillity with God.